Queen Street Parish Church

Queen Street Church

Make yourself at home

There are services of worship every Sunday of the year.

The songs and hymns comprise a balanced diet of traditional and more contemporary songs - which probably means there are some that you'll quite like and others that .. well, others! But, hey, see it as a challenge and learn to enjoy them anyway!

After each service there's the chance to chat with others in the Main hall below - with refreshments available.

If you have difficulty getting upstairs, then there is a Lift up to the Church or down to the Main Hall- ask people on duty.

For people in wheelchairs, there is the alternative of watching the service relayed on a large TV in the comfortable Chapel, just on the left as you come in from the ramp. Please arrive early, as it takes time to set up.

11.00 am

If you want a good seat come early - it's usually pretty full! (Actually you're best to come late because the comfiest seats with most leg room are down at the front and in good Scottish style they're generally the last seats to be taken!)

Celebrating Communion

Near to the last Sunday in January, June, and October, and on Easter Day, the sacrament of communion is celebrated. Even if you are not a member of this church, or of the Church of Scotland, we welcome communicant members of any branch of the Christian Church. As in most Presbyterian churches, you just stay seated in the pews while the elements are passed along; if you don't wish to take the elements just pass them on.